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We're not just another recruitment agency. We are your partner in connecting you to talent that aligns with your vision and empowers your business for growth.

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Why partner with Talent Kiln?

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At Talent Kiln, we bridge the gap between emerging talent and corporate aspirations. Through our deep-rooted commitment to mentorship and precision matchmaking, we are redefining intern solutions.

Businesses, of all sizes, need interns who can make an immediate impact. Talent Kiln offers more than just an intern - we match you with a mentored, career-ready individual who can seamlessly integrate into your team.

one year retention rate for an Intern


retention rate vs
64.1% for external hires


of employers offered positions after a virtual internship


employers report higher industry reputation


Looking for talent?

Tap into a pool of ambitious students, mentored for success, ready to fuel your business.

With Talent Kiln, you can find and hire the best interns who share your vision, passion, and drive. Talent Kiln helps you build a strong team that can take your startup to the next level

For Startups
For Small – Medium Businesses
For Enterprise

We pinpoint your business needs

Unlock your business potential with Talent Kiln's tailored intern solutions. From corporate leadership development to professional internship consulting, we provide a unique blend of mentorship and development consulting. Transform your team, boost efficiency, and elevate your corporate brand with our innovative approach.

We execute on making the match

At Talent Kiln, we've revolutionized the intern placement process. Unlike traditional agencies, we don’t just match resumes with job descriptions; we delve deeper. The result? Interns who are not just employees but assets, tailored to align seamlessly with your business goals and culture. Experience the Talent Kiln difference and discover a placement process that benefits everyone involved.


Talent Kiln is not a one-and-done solution; we're your long-term partners in growth. For both our interns and partners, our consulting services don't end at placement. We continuously analyze your operations to drive new heights of efficiency and production. When you choose Talent Kiln, you're choosing a lasting partnership aimed at constant development and success.

Ready to Elevate Your Team?

Whether you're in the early stages of talent scouting or ready to bring on your next intern, Talent Kiln is here to guide and support. Contact us now to begin the journey.

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