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Talent Kiln connects you with the right internships and interns for your needs and goals, and supports you with mentorship, experience, and consultation along the way.


Talent Kiln is an internship placement accelerator for students and businesses seeking to be aligned with goals in mind. We help to facilitate occupation interest and establish career connections. Save your time and energy and let us match you to your next internship!


Talent Kiln equips students with guidance during the internship and navigates opportunities for personal and professional development alongside the intern. We will lead you to an improved perspective and increase your confidence to determine your path or reach your destination.


Together we can uncover your skills for your professional trajectory. Talent Kiln aims to create work experience for students through internships so you can earn specialized skills, get exposure to the workplace culture, problem solving skills, and much more!


Talent Kiln connects students to businesses to gain a sense of ownership while learning customer/client needs and implementing solutions that will last long after the internship.We help interns adopt a sense of belongingness in the community and affect positive change.

Driving business impact through internships

Talent Kiln simplifies the process of finding and hiring talented interns who are ready to contribute to your business goals.

Experience that drives
career growth

Talent Kiln helps you find the right internship fit that can boost your career development and advancement by connecting you with mentors, experiences, and contributions that match your goals and interests.

Get matched with your an internship tailored for you
Gain valuable work experience and skills that meets your interests
Make real business impact to accelerate your career
Get your perfect internship today

Our services are designed for businesses of all sizes

No matter the size or industry of your company, Talent Kiln can match you with qualified and motivated interns who are ready to make an impact.

For startups

Talent is the lifeblood of any startup. With Talent Kiln, you can find and hire the best interns who share your vision, passion, and drive. Talent Kiln helps you build a strong team that can take your startup to the next level

For small business

We know the importance of career development, corporate team development, and leadership growth. With Talent Kiln, you can build a strong team that can take your business to the next level. We help small businesses to connect with interns who share their vision, passion, and drive.

For enterprises

Quality talent is the key to achieving your enterprise’s vision, mission, and objectives. Talent Kiln helps you find, attract, and retain the best people for your business, who share your values and culture, and who can drive innovation and performance.

Interns impact in numbers

An eager intern matched with the right job for them combined with a professional mentor at Talent Kiln maximizes the intern’s potential and increases the overall impact gained.

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Position Offers

of all interns are offered a position at the same company they interned for


Retain Quality Talent

The one-year retention rate for internal interns compared to 64.1% for external hires.


Competitive Advantage

higher likelihood of getting at least one job offer than those without internship experience


Boost Your Rep

of employers say that offering internships boosts their company’s reputation in their industry

“Internships are a great way to unlock inner talent. Talent Kiln offers intern solutions for students and businesses alike. While students benefit from guided internship opportunities, businesses increase organizational capacity, time, and resources.”

Tenisha Gist
Founder, Talent Kiln
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